Why Choose Reading Asphalt

Why Choose Reading Asphalt for Asphalt Paving & Seal Coating Services in the Reading Area

Reading Asphalt is a leading provider of asphalt paving and maintenance services in the Reading area and surrounding towns. Our team of experienced professionals has been serving the community for over 70 years, and we have built a reputation for providing high-quality work and excellent customer service.

At Reading Asphalt, our commitment to excellence and passion for what we do drive us to deliver the best asphalt paving and maintenance services in the region. With a rich history spanning over 70 years, our company has been an integral part of the Reading community, contributing to the growth and development of the area’s infrastructure. Over the years, we have become the go-to choice for homeowners, businesses, and municipalities seeking reliable and long-lasting asphalt solutions.

What sets us apart from the competition and why you should choose Reading Asphalt, is our team of highly skilled professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project we undertake. Each member of our team is extensively trained and equipped with the latest industry techniques and technologies, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of the asphalt paving and maintenance field. From initial planning and assessment to the final touches, our experts work diligently to complete each project efficiently and to the highest standards.

At Reading Asphalt, we believe in personalized service, and we treat every client’s project as unique and special. Whether it’s a small residential driveway or a large commercial parking lot, our dedicated team works closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and preferences. When clients choose Reading Asphalt, they learn quickly that we offer tailored solutions that take into account factors such as budget, timeline, and overall project goals.

Here Are Just a Few Reasons to Choose Reading Asphalt

  • A Word to the Wise! The asphalt industry is like no other. The opportunity to skimp on preparation and materials is almost overwhelming. DON’T BE FOOLED! A poorly constructed driveway will cost you twice as much in the long run. We excavate about 500 old driveways a year and the average thickness of those driveways is between 3/4” and 2”. All of those customers were told they were getting a quality job,but none of them did. We have built our reputation on our word to always give you exactly what we promise. When you hire us, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you are getting a top quality, professional pavement at the lowest possible price!
  • Experience: Our team has over 70 years of experience in the asphalt paving industry, and we have the knowledge and expertise to handle any project, big or small. We have worked on a wide range of projects, including residential driveways, commercial parking lots, and we have the skills and equipment to get the job done right.
  • Quality workmanship: At Reading Asphalt, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our commitment to delivering the highest quality workmanship possible. We use only the best materials and equipment, and we follow industry-standard best practices to ensure that your pavement is built to last.
  • Customer service: We understand that our customers are the foundation of our business, and we strive to provide the best possible service at every stage of the process. From the initial consultation to the final walk-through, we are always available to answer your questions and address your concerns.
  • Competitive pricing: We offer competitive pricing on all of our services, and we will always provide you with a detailed quote before we begin any work. We believe that our high-quality work and excellent customer service are well worth the investment, and we strive to provide the best value possible.
  • Range of services: In addition to paving new asphalt surfaces, we also offer a range of maintenance services, including seal coating and crack filling.

If you are in need of asphalt paving or maintenance services in the Reading area, we encourage you to Choose Reading Asphalt and give us a call. We would be happy to discuss your project in more detail and provide you with a detailed quote. Thank you for considering Reading Asphalt for all of your asphalt paving needs.

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Why Choose Reading Asphalt Corp.?

  • Over 70 years of creative design experience, working with landscape architects and engineers.
  • We pave about 500 new driveways per year, more than any other local company.
  • We use the most modern equipment for every paving application.
  • We pave our driveways thick, built to last 20-30 years.
  • We’ve been servicing Reading residents for over 70 years.
  • We get the job done quickly.